The Vision

There are still some artists left who do it for love, whose voices speak to so many because they take the time to listen. Unbound by conventions of beauty and being, Saddi Khali is one such artist.

Khali’s faithful walk from writer to producer and image evangelist is marked by trials and transience. Displaced overnight by Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans native returned unsheltered and untethered to his beloved community of 30 years. Khali lost a lifetime of artifacts and keepsakes, departing with bare means, memories and a budding love for photography. For Khali’s new work to signify reframing one’s narrative, he first reframed his own, repurposing his circumstance to a calling. Khali soon found beauty in losing everything, in letting go, in coming to the realization that in spite of all this… “I’m okay.” His ascension is not a portrait of loss, but a portrait of faith and faith’s labors.

Nine years removed, Khali’s photography has now been featured in magazines such as ESSENCE, and on the covers of a number of books, like Random House’s TRIKSTA. As the favorite artist of many discerning collectors, Khali has featured in exhibitions worldwide, including Rush Arts Gallery in New York and the Coast Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2014, Saddi Khali was Polk State College’s inaugural Artist-In-Residence and coproduced the historical fantasy short film ASE shot on location in Nigeria.

An acclaimed poet and performer, Saddi has also featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and the Apollo Theater’s Salon Series, and is published in over 30 anthologies and journals.

Crediting traditions that are distinctly southern, yet unapologetic in their aesthetic, Khali continues to craft a bold and brash brand of art and arts practice through his exploration of vulnerability and courage -inviting viewers to welcome the possibilities that arise when they choose both.
It is through this listening lens that Khali stakes claim to a healing arts renaissance, which fearlessly intends the restoration of black love and black beauty.

28 comments on “The Vision

  1. Brother Khali,
    Kudos. I love & appreciate the work that you are doing though your Artistic gift. Much respect & support in your mission. Always be as uplifting as your work is. For it truly is. Thanks for sharing your gift.

    Peace & Blessings,
    Jack III

  2. You are a true testament to soulful art. Proud to see you make moves. Continuously sending you much blessings, success is yours.


  3. i saw your interview on cocoa fly and searched and searched for an opportunity to tell you that your art is lovely.

  4. I’m saving my lunch money for the next two months to purchase a print. I Love your work, art, ministry. Blessings.

  5. Lovely work and even lovelier vision. Blessings for the strength and wherewithal to be able to continue your mission, it is certainly a noble one and so needed.

    Ire o!

  6. Your site looks wonderful. Congratulations. Thank you so much for your work, and your vision.

  7. Shavonda Eileen

    Your work is amazingly beautiful…. Love the Look AND Feel of us in your work

  8. I think your mission is divine and the images you capture make me conscious of God’s presence.

    Peace Love & Light


  9. As I go from picture to picture, I say to myself “her skin and figure looks just like mine ….. she is so beautiful!” Thank you!


  10. Thank you for allowing me to love myself again….

    Showing me that
    there is
    beauty within me.

  11. marinieves alba

    met you down in Miami a long minute ago. don’t even remeber what we were down for… hip-hop something or other… we chilled at the south african spot with a whole crew of rowdy, beautiful artists :)

    your photos are precious.

    keep shining.

    peace, mari

    • i remember! u reminded me of the African connections in latin countries. great 2 hear from u. hoping all is well. peace…

  12. Erica Holton

    Thank your beautiful images that look exactly what we see in the mirror. Your art is breath taking….I’ll just be glad when we see ourselves as that way regardless of hair, skin, size and age.

  13. You are a re-memberer, a sorcerer and a sage blessing the people with your illuminations brought through heart and lens.

    I am humbled grateful and utterly inspired by your work.

    Have been thinking of endeavoring in such a way, and now I know who I wish to be behind the camera. Thank you Saddi. Thank you from the center of my heart. You are deeply appreciated.

    In Creativity Spirit and Beautiful Reflection,

  14. WOW I am amazed by these images. I was just talking to Diane, who introduced me to your work today. Seeing your work takes me a to a place where beauty is defined naturally, nothing contrived. Simply Beautiful!

  15. First i wanna say, “Wow Wow Wow”.

    Then at the risk of saying what everyone else has already said, your work is absolutely FABULOUS!!! I see myself in your photos.

    I saw someone talk about saving their lunch money to buy a photo well I’m saving my money to be in a photo. I am in Phoenix. When you are here doing anything let me know so me and my crew can show up.

    Have a Great week.
    Armella (Queenvoney)

  16. TRUE Vision from a TRUE Visionary, Peace and Blessings, Big Brother..KEEP DOING YOUR THING!!, Luv, YA, KennyKlutch!!

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