In this time of glitz and glamour, Spanx® and plastic surgery, we seem to have really forgotten how to love ourselves, how to celebrate what we have and to express who we truly are. The media’s stranglehold on our image has us adhering to a standard of beauty that does not consider us. Our mirrors have become joyless places. And, we even use this standard to oppress each other, now. But…what will we do? Who will speak up? How will we combat this mess other than with the defiance of loving who we are, in our own skin and bodies, the way we were created? This collection is an act of war…a war of love, a war that cannot be won unless we all fight incessantly, unyielding and with our whole selves. Welcome to the trenches. Make a statement. Join the fight. Love real people.

Let’s see ourselves beautiful again!

16 comments on “PIECES OF PEACE

  1. Angela Theresa

    the images, the subject placement in the frame, the use of light; it’s inspirational! thank you for sharing. i look forward to seeing what you do next – hopefully it will be a combination of your images and your words.

  2. hi, i live in ghana and i am a modeling photographer. i’ve been following your work through modelmayhem.com for quite some time. u are my role model. i think you should consider setting up a studio in ghana.

  3. Stephanie Zion

    Your work presents the elegance and sun touched beauty of who we are. It is inspiring, bold and wonderful. Thanks for doing what you do.
    Peace and Blessings.

  4. krishelle harden-clarke

    i feel at peace when i look at ur pics. I would love to be one of your models. i look foward to more art work from you.

  5. Shuntella Whitfield

    I have become a HUGE fan! I am wondering where is the picture Journey to self? I absolutely ADORE that photo! You are truly AMAZING!

  6. DeAnna Lewis

    I absolutely love this. I am learning to embrace the real me. The natural me from the outside in and the inside out. I still have to fight with some of the people that I know who have negative mindsets about our natural beautifulness. I don’t fight with words. I fight with love by standing strong in who I am and by loving myself. I fight by not letting the media determine for me if I am sexy or if I am the right shade of brown or by telling me what my hair should be straight. So I am in the fight with you even though we may never meet. And to everyone whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and encouraging me in this fight – Thank YOU!

  7. God is here. I was reminded of that awesome presence when looking at these photos. It is so easy to feel obliged to measure up to standards that totally conflict with everything one is, just because those standards have been ingrained in one’s being, over time. I lost and found myself in these photos. I am thankful that displacement and the rearrangement of your life and dreams brought you to such love and beauty, “peace and pleasure”, to this, vision of God…

  8. tiwana simpson

    I’ve learned that God is the only true creator. He give us our bodies as a loan. How we invest in the gift is truely up to us. Sometimes we do not fully appreciate or understand the gift that has been given to us. So thank you Saddi for allowing us to see the different gifts in ourselves and each other. .

  9. rebel queen...

    you are amazing…thank you for inspiring me…funny i followed u from myspace and here you are again. i still want my picture taken. ill come to you when the time is right… thanks!

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