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“I started taking pictures to capture a beauty I had no words to describe, to illuminate the miracles in the mundane, to make us see ourselves.

The images in this series represent my photographic journey from my displacement to NY (due to the flood-waters that followed hurricane Katrina) to two years after my return to a still broken New Orleans. During my stays in both cities, I’ve witnessed the hunger-driven hustle to win and the hopeless resignation of defeat, experienced the humiliation of homelessness and the hurried determination to rebuild my life better than before. This journey has ignited a passion in me to reach a level where my life fluctuates, perpetually, between PEACE and PLEASURE.

All the images in this series were created in natural light (the sun). No professional models, no make-up artists, no air-brushing, only the majesty we brought with us when we came here. I use these photographs as dream-boards to represent a communion with the Spirit, comfort with our selves, harmony with our surroundings, and the gifts and beauty we pass and overlook everyday.

If you see yourself here, if anything moves you, if you want this art in your home and/or want to be captured in the same light, I have done my job.

Remember PEACE. Remember PLEASURE.”

-Saddi Khali-

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